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CoffeeBreak: Time flies as son turns into young man

Michelle Bond

How do I feel about school being back in session? I will simply say “yeah!” and do a “mommy-Moonwalk”.

This year my son started 9th grade.  He is now officially a high school student.

Last year my son was moved up from 7th to 8th grade.  A parent’s dream right?  Well, sort of.

The obvious fact would be that I am abundantly proud of my son, and am proud of the fact that he is able to learn and retain in a way I have never been able to accomplish.  I was never “that student,” you know – the student who would be expected to be on the honor roll.

I was more the type of student that was just happy to pass the class.  Back then I felt that school was for socializing and finding my next crush.  Grades were never a priority.

Fast forward to 2010 and grades mean everything!

My son is only 13-years-old. Yes, I need to add “only” because it’s the part I’m clinging to.

He is proud as a peacock to be in the 9th grade, however, he is still only 13.

He is still the kid who likes to watch Dragon Ball Z and ride his skateboard all weekend.  And maybe this will be who he is at 23-years-old.

But there is a difference in wishing for the summer to end and wishing for my son’s adolescence, and dare I say innocence to end.

I have been a single parent of my son since day one.  While it’s been rough at times, I am floored that he is a real life young man.

The time went by too fast.  As my son learns, I learn as well. My lesson for 2010 is to know that when our kids are ready to soar, we cannot hold them back…as much as we might want to.

Michelle Bond lives in Woodbridge and often writes about her son, local living and about all of life’s other interesting curiosities. You can connect with her at and on Twitter @1Coffeebreak.

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  • My son turned 18 on the 13th if this month and I still see that kid with the superman undies and a bathrobe as his cape :-)…he will forever be my little boy but I do truly need to let go. Thank you for this great post!

  • Chris

    My son is about to turn 6 yrs old and I’m still looking for my baby, I can’t imagine him being 13!

  • Michelle bond

    @Ekuwa- 18 years old?! *WOW!* Congratulations!!! You’ve reached the milestone many of us are still reaching for!
    @Chris – I couldn’t imagine 13 either- it seemed like a lifetime to me, but now it’s hear and I want to turn time back! LOL

  • Kevin R. Spaulding

    Congrats to the second best mom in the world. (Next to Mrs. Spaulding)

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