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Keaton Plumbing Maintenance & Repair, LLC.

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Great opportunity for the right candidate.
Keaton Plumbing (KPMR) is looking for their next apprentice.
If you like working with your mind and hands this maybe the opportunity of a lifetime. KPMR is located at 8870 Rixlew Lane. Our current Apprentice Jon, after his 4 years of exceling in the trade is preparing for his final exam to become a Journeyman Plumber in our great state of Virginia.
We are now in the process of finding the next person to become a Master Plumber for our community.
After a 90 day trial period, We will register our next apprentice with the state of Virginia and pay the 4 year schooling cost to become our 3rd State Registered Apprentice. (and of course a salary is involved) If you are at least 17 years old or older and are interested please send your email to: Keatonplumbing7@gmail.com for more information.
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