Democrats shut out from running for Virginia House of Delegates


Several Democratic candidates were recently disqualified from running for state offices in Virginia.

Dumfries Town Council member Cydny Neville planned to run to represent Prince William County’s 52nd District in the House of Delegates, challenging longtime incumbent Luke Torian (D).

Neville filed some of her paperwork with the Prince William County Board of Elections. It had offered to pass it on to the Virginia Board of Elections.

Neville and others were told that their filings had been approved — and then she, along with eight other candidates, was told that their filing package was incomplete.

Worse yet, Neville and the other candidates were also denied a state-mandated 10-day extension to correct any irregularities to their paperwork.

By contrast, the current Delegate for the 52nd district Luke Torian was approved by the Board with no issues. Neville did not return multiple requests for comment for this story.

What’s more unusual is that such an extension is not typically denied, but things had changed, and it seemed that some were not made aware of these changes.

Richmond City Councilmember Mike Jones, who also wanted to run for state office, said the Board of Elections had decided unilaterally to not offer any extensions due to an overload of paperwork.

Jones, who had planned to run for Delegate for the 69th District, was disqualified and questions the validity of the Board’s decision on halting the extensions.

Jones also mentioned that the Board had contacted both the Democrat and Republican state parties about this decision. While there’s been no word on how this decision has affected candidates of the state GOP, it has caused issues with the Democratic party since Jones contends that his campaign and others were not notified of the decision.

All of this comes as Prince William County Registrar Michele White resigned her position earlier this month. White, who had been hired to lead the office in Feb. 2015, posted her resignation after a closed-door session with the Prince William County Electoral Board.

According to Jones, he had been advised by his campaign manager to allow the Richmond registrar’s office to handle some of his filings since it was a usual thing to occur in Prince William County.

Keith Scarborough, who heads the Prince William County Electoral Board, said the county Office of Elections has no role in the process of qualifying for the House of Delegates. That process, according to Scarborough, is under the control of the Virginia Department of Elections and the State Board of Elections.

2 thoughts on “Democrats shut out from running for Virginia House of Delegates

  1. Once a dictator takes power they always purge the useful idiots that put them there…they always eat their own. Hahahahaahaha

  2. Michele White resigned after a closed-door session with the PWC County Board. There’s no telling what the Democrat-Socialists on the County board were trying to pull. Closed-door sessions should be against Virginia law. That’ll never happen because the General Assembly is overrun with socialists.

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