Exclusive: Rock guitarist to bring his Shining Sol candles to Fredericksburg

Inside Shining Sol's store in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Shining Sol Candle Company is coming to Fredericksburg.

The Manassas-based candle retailer has plans to open up a shop on Caroline Street in Downtown Fredericksburg later this year.

The Manassas-based Shining Sol has close ties with another store on Caroline called Sugar and Spruce. The relationship between the two companies comes from working together on Shining Sol’s bath bombs that Sugar and Spruce help produce.

Another reason for the decision to come to Fredericksburg is the business of Caroline Street itself. Along with its Manassas location, Shining Sol also has a Barefoot Landing location in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and a newly opened location in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

According to the owner Pete Evick, Barefoot Landing is a good location for a store due to its heavy foot traffic from tourists who could become potential customers.

While Fredericksburg isn’t a beach town, it still commands a nice size of tourism due to its place in U.S. Civil War history. Both Evick and Blevins are positive that having retail locations in tourist areas makes for smart business.

That business acumen has served Shining Sol well as the company has earned the Best Gift Shop award from Virginia Living Magazine the last three years in a row. They’ve also been awarded the 2018 Business of the Year award from Manassas and have also recently been the subject of a cover story in Smart Retailer Magazine.

Aside from being available not just in brick and mortar stores but online, Evick and co-founder Deron Blevins chalk up their success to being, in their words, “genuine and honest people.”

“People can tell when you’re not being genuine with them, they can smell it. I find it’s best to be genuine.” said the pair to Potomac Local News.

Shining Sol was founded in Manassas in 2012 by Evick, who is a native of the city. Evick is also known as a long-time guitarist who has worked alongside Bret Michaels, the long-time singer for 1980s hair metal flag-bearers Poison.

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