Voices: Teachers union pushes for pay raises, promotions for food service, transportation employees


Prince William Education Association President Maggie Hansford spoke before the Prince William County School Board on February 8 to push for raises for school employees.

I just want to start off by making Dr. Walts for making educators a priority in this year’s budget.

There are a couple of things that I would like you to consider when you are working on this year’s budget. I know you have a lot of priorities and a tall task.

I would like for you to consider a 2% cost of living adjustment for our staff. It looks like inflation is estimated at 2 percent, so a staffer earning their STEP (salary increase), and the cost of living (salary increase) every year should reflect that inflation.

I would also like to see a livable wage for transportation, as well as the foodservice department. They have some issues with equity when making that pathway into leadership positions. So I would like you all to consider a pathway for them, in an equitable stance in moving them toward an opportunity for leadership.

Lastly, I would like the [School Board] to reflect mental health as a priority and have the budget reflect caseloads that align with success. When you all are looking at caseloads, I would like for you all to look at special education. We look at this every year, and when we look at special education, our educators, our [teaching assistants], we want to make sure that we set them up for success, and that means a reasonable caseload count.

Two pay raises are on the table in the proposed $1.3 billion budget— a cost of living and step-increase salary hikes, each of which is about 4%. The budget is $33 million than last year’s budget.

2 thoughts on “Voices: Teachers union pushes for pay raises, promotions for food service, transportation employees

  1. Wasn’t it Ms. Hanford who advocated last summer to open the neighborhood pools for he kids in her Bristol neighborhood? (don’t think her request was granted). Safe to open pools and playgrounds in her neighborhood but not schools? Didn’t her Education Association also gave the nod to the teacher caravan parade in front of county buildings with child sized coffin replicas mounted on top of their cars?

    I can’t take her seriously.

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