‘Jurassic Encounter’ outdoor exhibit held outside Manassas

From September 14 to September 27, the Parkridge Center near Manassas will be hosting an outdoor dinosaur exhibit called “Jurassic Encounter.”

The exhibits are free and open to the public daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., regardless of the weather. No tickets or reservations are necessary and the exhibits are self-guided, stanchioned, and zero-touch. It will have 11 outdoor dinosaur environments with Jurassic sized dinosaurs and a digital scavenger hunt.

The digital scavenger hunt is accessible as an app called “Turf Hunt” for iPhone or Android. It features various challenges for each exhibit, such as photo challenges, multiple-choice and single-answer questions, and mini-games such as memory cards. These challenges become harder for each exhibit and can be played in any order. 

Furthermore, the Parkridge Center will also be showing dinosaur-themed movies from September 14 to 17 with specialty pricing. Adult tickets cost $5 and children’s tickets cost $3.

The movie showings are as follows.

  • Jurassic Park at 1:00 PM
  • Jurassic Park – The Lost World at 4:10 PM
  • Jurassic Park III at 7:30 PM
  • The Land Before Time at 1:10 PM, 3:10 PM, 5:10 PM, and 7:10 PM

Finally, Parkridge Center businesses are offering discounts for people attending the exhibit. Customers must mention the “Jurassic Encounter” upon making their purchases. The discount is only valid for regular-priced items and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

CDC guidelines are employed and hand sanitizer stations are at every exhibit.

More information can be found at shopatparkridge.com

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