Nibeya Tesfaye, 24, of Woodbridge killed in motorcycle crash

A Woodbridge man died Sunday night after he was ejected from his motorcycle during a crash.

More from Virginia State Police:

Virginia State Police is investigating a fatal crash in Fairfax County. The crash occurred July 26, 2020 at approximately 11:51 p.m. at the Interstate 495 and Interstate 95 interchange.

Virginia State Police Trooper M. Spalding observed a group of six motorcycles traveling west on I-495 at a high rate of speed. As the trooper pulled in behind the pack of motorcycles, two of the motorcycles accelerated in speed and pulled away from the group. At this point, the trooper activated his lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop on the speeding vehicles. The motorcycles accelerated again and took the Exit 170C ramp from westbound I-495 to southbound I-95.

As the motorcycles came through the curve in the ramp at a high rate of speed, the trooper observed one of the motorcycles – a 2006 Honda CBR600RR – run off the right side of the road and strike the cement wall. Its operator, Nibeya Tesfaye, 24, of Woodbridge, Va., was ejected from the motorcycle and died at the scene. He was wearing a helmet.

The crash remains under investigation at this time. The other motorcyclist did not stop at the scene.

7 thoughts on “Nibeya Tesfaye, 24, of Woodbridge killed in motorcycle crash

  1. Then why was the state trooper vehicles windshield crashed in and the front of the vehicle damaged. Bet the dash camera will be defective or disappear. This story is wrong on so many levels!!!

    1. How do you know this? You should tweet it and share it on the Facebook dc moto group. That’s bullshit if a cop initiated the crash.

      1. There is evidence of the troopers vehicle from witnesses, it is being exposed on Twitter, FB, and Instagram, there was a car meet last night to raise money for the family to hire and attorney. Nebby was a good guy, would help anyone in need, would not run from the police, justice needs to be served!

  2. Policeman!!!!!! Please stop chasing Bike Riders!!!!!! What is the purpose??? They run because of POLICE BRUTALITY!!! Go find something else to do!!!! You’re not keeping roads safe!!! You’re killing ppl!!!! ACTUALLY there’s no need for YOU!!! We can police each other BETTER!!!! Stop killing our citizens!!!!!

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