Tax deadline extended for Stafford County residents

Residents in Stafford County won’t be penalized for paying personal property taxes or utility bills after their due dates.

Penalties for personal property and utility bills have temporarily been reduced to zero. The move by the Stafford County Board of Supervisors comes as many people have found themselves either furloughed or unemployed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Board approved two emergency ordinances that will temporarily reduce the late fee penalties and interest down to zero for personal property and utility bills. That means $0 and 0% interest will until July 5, with an option to extend the payment to August.

Under normal circumstances, Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are typically due each year on June 5 and December 5.

This decision came as a result of the county trying to find ways to give residents and business owners some relief during the pandemic.

Back on March 31, the county looked into different options that could be acted upon. Among those options were changing due dates on the collection of taxes such as utilities, personal property, and meals taxes.

The county decided on the late fees because, while Virginia Law sets a maximum on how much revenue can be collected with these fees, it doesn’t set a required minimum.

“I’m glad that the Board of Supervisors recognizes the difficult financial situation that far too many of our residents are experiencing. All of us in Stafford County government wish there was more we could do, but our hands are tied by state laws and the terrible timing of the COVID lockdown,” said Commissioner of the Revenue Scott Mayausky.

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