Write by the Rails (WbtR) holding workshop, launching social media campaign open to all

And in the local writing scene, we have news from Write by the Rails:

Write by the Rails ‘Back on Track’ with new initiatives

Write by the Rails (WbtR), the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, has announced two new initiatives in conjunction with its 2018-19 theme, “Back on Track.”

The group, which aims to raise the profile of the local literary community, started by scheduling a half-day, fall writers’ workshop to be held October 27, 2018 at Trinity Church in Historic Manassas. The workshop will feature a panel of guest speakers, as well as networking and break-out sessions on a variety of topics and genres.

Jan Rayl, WbtR President said, “As President of Write by the Rails, my goal is to mentor the new and want-to-be authors while balancing that with encouraging and educating our successful authors. Our ‘Back on the Tracks’ Fall Writers’ Workshop is going to be the event to do just that.”

Open to members and non-members, the workshop is $10 per seat for members, $15 for non-members.

“I am excited to have some of our members that have been very successful as writers lead sessions to help some of our new and want to be authors reach their goals. I hope that those that dream of having their name in print will join us,” said Rayl.

The workshop will also serve as the hard launch of the WbtR “#BackOnTrackNow Social Campaign.

“The #BackOnTrackNow social campaign is a way for writers and literary enthusiasts to take back social media,” WbtR Vice President Katherine Gotthardt said. “The idea is to write a few lines, post them on social media every day, and use “#BackOnTrackNow and #WbtR to track it all. Submit those same lines to Write by the Rails, and we’ll post them, too, giving writers credit, of course.” At the end of the campaign, select posts will be included in an anthology.

Gotthardt said anyone is welcome to participate, members and non-members.

“The goal is to get this movement to spread through all of social media, bring creativity back and further raise the profile of the writers in our local community and beyond,” said Gotthardt. “But you don’t have to wait until October. We’ve started sharing already as part of a soft launch. We encourage everyone to take part.”

Rayl said, “I have been watching our Write by the Rails Facebook page with excitement as several times a day there are new works coming into to our #BackOnTrackNow social media campaign. I hope some of those reading this article will post some poems, memoirs and writing.”

More information on the social campaign, along with a submission form, can be found at www.WbtRBackOnTrackNow.org.

For information on WbtR, membership, general events and meetings, visit the WbtR website at www.WbtR.org.

Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, aims to raise the profile of the local literary community and explore ways to nurture, cultivate and help that community grow. The group strives to be an integral part of the larger arts community and to enhance the quality of life for residents of the area by providing them with the opportunity to participate in events and activities that promote literacy and self-expression. Published and unpublished writers affiliated with Manassas, Manassas Park or Prince William County are encouraged to consider officially joining. 

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