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VRE train delayed? Riders can kiss Metro option goodbye.

From an email: 

Starting July 1, 2018, the Metro Option will no longer be available for VRE riders.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which operates Metrorail, has been a valuable partner of VRE during service disruptions. When we experience a service disruption, VRE has been able to open the Metro Option as a part of our recovery efforts. This allows VRE riders to show a validated VRE ticket to the Metrorail station manager for access into the Metro system as one way to help mitigate disruption of a rider’s trip.

As a part of their efforts to keep Metro Safe, Reliable and Affordable, WMATA is making changes to their rail stations that will secure the gates previously used to allow VRE riders and others access to the system. Unfortunately, these changes will eliminate VRE’s ability to offer the Metro Option.

In the event of a service disruption, VRE riders may still use Metro as an alternative. However, riders will have to use a personal SmarTrip card and incur the cost of the trip.

We understand and support WMATA’s efforts to improve their system, including this initiative that aims to decrease fare evasion and customer conflicts. WMATA’s change also impacts MARC riders, and VRE is committed to working with MARC and WMATA for a long-term, regional solution allowing us to add the Metro Option back to our resources during service disruptions.

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