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Changes coming to Woodbridge/Lake Ridge OmniLink bus

The Woodbridge/Lake Ridge OmniLink buses will no longer serve some stops and will stop traveling through Tacketts Mill shopping center. 

From an email of OmniRide: 

New routing and bus stops will be served as of Monday, April 23 for all local Woodbridge/Lake Ridge buses at Smoketown Plaza and Tackett’s Mill.

At Smoketown Plaza, local Woodbridge/Lake Ridge buses will begin serving a new bus shelter across from Arby’s, behind the Mobile 1 Lube Express. The last day that buses will serve the current bus stop, in front of Subway, will be Saturday, April 21.

At Tackett’s Mill, local Woodbridge/Lake Ridge buses will no longer travel through the shopping center at the management company’s request. (However, Lake Ridge Fellowship House will continue to be served as an on-demand and off-route trip location.) Instead, starting on April 23, two new bus stops will be served outside the shopping center at:

  • Tackett’s Mill Drive after Minnieville Road, behind CVS and in front of Burger King; and

  • Harbor Drive before Lake Manor Drive, next to the lake and across from the Car Wash. This stop will serve as the start and end point for all trips that currently are listed as starting and ending at Tackett’s Mill. It also will be a time point, which means any early-arriving buses will remain at this location until the scheduled departure time.

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