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Stafford creates safety task force to secure schools against attack

From the Stafford County Sheriff’s Department:

Stafford, VA.  Stafford County Sheriff David P. Decatur announced this morning the creation of the Stafford County School Safety Task Force to enhance school security in the wake of an uptick of threats targeting schools nationwide.

The Task Force will be comprised of subject matter experts representing several public safety fields as well as members of county school administration. The goal of the task force is to immediately develop and implement actionable measures to reduce threats, mitigate the risk of an attack or active shooter scenario in our schools, and ensure the community feels safe and protected.

“The Stafford County School Safety Task Force is just one of many measures the Sheriff’s Office intends to implement in the near future to curb threats to our schools and ensure the community feels safe and protected,” Sheriff Decatur said. “We do not want school safety to become a check-the-box exercise. By creating this new team, we hope to enhance security at our schools and build a robust channel of communication between law enforcement and school staff, teachers, parents and students.”

In addition, in the wake of a series of threats and attacks targeting schools across the nation and here in Stafford, the Sheriff’s Office will continue to maintain extra security and law enforcement presence at all schools in the county through the remainder of the school year.  


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