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Woodbridge Senior High School is hosting a multicultural night

Submitted photo

From an email: 

Hello! I am writing to inform you that Woodbridge Senior High School is hosting a multicultural night on March 9th from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Multicultural Night is a celebration of all the international flavors of Woodbridge Senior High School. Did you know that Woodbridge students speak more than 50 different languages at home?

This annual event showcases our diverse backgrounds, and gives students an opportunity to explore the world – while traveling the halls of Woodbridge! When the doors open participants receive a glimpse of a variety of cultures through booths set up at the entrance.

They are then escorted into the auditorium, where the event officially kicks off with a “Parade of Nations,” followed by special cultural performances done by our students. Participants are then directed towards our upper and lower cafeterias to experience our “Taste of Nations,” including unique dishes from all parts of the world.

Lastly, the fashion show, featuring traditional styles worn in the cultures featured throughout the night, concludes the event. 

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