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Tanker used to provide water to Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

We’re just now learning about an act of kindness during the week of Thanksgiving 2017. 

A water pipe at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center burst and the tanker truck was used to supply much-needed water to the hospital in Woodbridge. 

From a Prince William Service Authority press release: 


The Prince William County Service Authority worked with Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center on Opitz Boulevard during the week of Thanksgiving to repair a water main break and provide water to the facility’s emergency room.

On the morning of Nov. 21, employees of the hospital contacted the Service Authority after discovering a break in an 8-inch cast iron water pipe feeding the building. The break occurred just inches from the building’s foundation.

A Service Authority field crew spearheaded by Team Leader Joel Kressler made the repair under reduced pressure. While the clamp was being placed on the affected pipe, Utility Mechanics, Chris Mcnealkidd and Cody Dent, hooked up the utility’s water tanker truck to supply approximately 5,000 gallons of water to the hospital’s emergency room. While the hospital had mobilized hand washing stations, water barrels and drinking water in advance of the repair, the Service Authority wanted to ensure uninterrupted service to the facility.

On Dec. 21, representatives from the hospital presented each of the nine Service Authority employees involved in the repair a certificate of appreciation for a job well done.


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