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The Bee Store opens at Tacketts Mill

From an email: 

“We are a brick and mortar retail store specializing in Beekeeping Equipment and Honey Bee Boutique Items. Our goal is to supply everyone from the beginning, backyard beekeeper to the experienced, master beekeeper with the supplies they need to hone their skills in the bee yard. In addition to a full line of Mann Lake Ltd Beekeeping Supplies, we are also stocking the complete catalog of Sweet Sophia LLC products, such as lip balms, sunscreen, deodorant, artisanal soaps, lotions, salves, candles and much more. All handmade by The Bee Store family. Lastly, we will be stocking an ever-evolving quantity of Boutique items for all the bee lovers out there such as stickers, pins, jewelry, notebooks, posters, mugs, keychains, t-shirts, socks, baby clothes, pillows, shoes and much, much more. We hope you’ll fly by to say hi as we’d love to meet the community and spread the bee love buzz!”

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