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A 1-2 punch for Haymarket: Water and gas lines ruptured

HAYMARKET — It all started about 10 p.m. Sunday with a ruptured water main.

“It looked like a geyser,” said Haymarket Police Chief Kevin Lands.

The water main break shut off water to homes and businesses at the center of town, at the intersection of Washington and Jefferson streets in Haymarket.

A crew from the Prince William Service Authority arrived about 11 p.m. Sunday to start repairs, according to Lands.

But then, as water crews were making repairs they struck a gas line.

“It’s started whistling, and everybody took off running,” said Lands. “It whistled like that for about five hours.”

Crews from Columbia Gas were called into fix the new leak, and they were able to shut off the leaking gas line about 7:30 a.m. Monday, said Lands.

Now crews are working to repair both the water and gas lines. A total of 134 homes and businesses are affected by the utility line breaks.

Lands told us that every structure south of the intersection of Jefferson Street and Washington Street is without water and natural gas.

It’s been a messy morning in Haymarket.

Town Police Chief Kevin Lanes told us a crew from the Prince Willia Service Authority was working to fix a water line when it accidentally struck a gas main. Businesses along Washington Street, between the intersection of Jefferson Street and Route 15 are also without service.

The gas company is now going house to house, and business to business to shut off the gas meters at the affected properties. Afterward, they can go and complete the gas line repairs.

Afterward, the representatives from the gas company must go back to the affected homes and businesses to re-light the pilot lights at the affected properties.

The repair process could last into the afternoon, and the affected intersection will be closed all day long.

“It could be three or four o’clock before all this is fixed,” said Lands.


The water and gas main line repair is complete. 


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