Laura Sellers is about to finish her first term as Stafford County’s Garrisonville District Supervisor.

When she was elected in 2013, she rode a wave of blue along with Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe. While her margin of victory was less than one percent, turning the map blue in Stafford County is a rarity, and fellow Democrats celebrated the win.

Sellers serves the most developed, most populated portion of the county. And, she want’s to keep her seat.

She’s running against Republican Mark Dudenhefer, who held the seat from 2005 until 2011 when he was elected to serve as a member of the House of Delegates.

Voters will head to the polls on Nov. 7, 2017. Learn the location of your polling place

This election season, we’re asking candidates who wish to reach our readers a “why you should vote for me” email by Oct. 27, 2017. 

Sellers sent us this email telling our readers why they should vote for her:

When I graduated from North Stafford High School in 2003, I thought my life would take me many places but I never imagined it would bring me right back to Stafford. I grew up a military brat – born on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City (by a Colonial in the USAF) and my dad retired in 2004 after I had left home. I was born and raised a nomad.

Growing up military gave me an appreciation for different cultures. I love to travel and love to try different food but it also gave me a longing to be from somewhere. My parents were both raised by the US Army. My father grew up traveling the world while my mother lived most of her life outside of Fort Hood, Texas after her father died just weeks after returning home from Vietnam. At the time, they called it “lung cancer” but now we know that it was agent orange. While my family never needed for anything, I always wanted one place to call home. A family house to return to on holidays. Trees that I watched grow over the years. Walls with memories of my childhood – not my childhood and that of hundreds of other families too.

While in high school, I met a man that would change my life forever. We went to college together and then as we grew into adulthood, life took him to the west coast to play professional football. As much as I loved him, I was not interested in living the life of a nomad anymore. I wanted one place to call home so I returned home to Stafford full time and continued my career in intelligence. To this day, he and I remain in contact as we raise our son and I continue working on contract for the Defense Intelligence Agency.

There are people who shy away from the term politician. I, however, recognize that I am a politician. While I am not sure how long this political career will last, I am very much interested in being around for as long as folks will have me. Unlike most, however, I am not in it for personal notoriety. Outside of politics, I have a very successful career in counterintelligence. Rather, I am here to make a difference in my community and the most direct way I have found is by serving in public office.

Currently, I am the youngest person ever elected to this position and I am among the youngest elected females in the Commonwealth. I have been the only non-Republican for the past four years yet I was still elected by my colleagues as their Vice Chairman two years in a row. I have heard one of my colleagues describe me as “socially liberal but conservative on everything else,” which I think is a fair assessment. I have also been described by another colleague as “the most caring” of the group. I remember birthdays and try to recognize people’s accomplishments. Mainly, I try to do the small things really well.

I believe that every person is created equal and that it is not the responsibility of the government to judge the decisions of others. The bible is very clear that there is only one judge so I believe that our role – as people and as the government – is to find ways to bring out the best in each other. I believe in Stafford County and cringe at comparisons to any other locality. Leaders do not look to others to guide the way; they look to others to show us what not to do as we move ahead.

My constituents should know that I am a fighter. If they tell me something is important to them, I will fight every day to make sure that it happens. I will include them. I welcome help and seek guidance. I am not here to push my agenda; I am here to help Stafford operate at its full potential. Most importantly, they should know that my son just started kindergarten at Winding Creek Elementary so I am here for the long haul as I am just getting started.

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