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Why you should visit the ‘The Forgotten World War: Its Impact at Home’

From a an email:

The Manassas Museum, along with other organizations around the Commonwealth, is recognizing the 100th anniversary of World War I. The Forgotten World War: Its Impact at Home is our contribution to this statewide commemoration. In producing this exhibit, we partnered with Prince William County and created a display that focuses the themes of propaganda, music and the spread of the influenza virus among the local population.

Most importantly, we wanted also to recognize and honor the 29 young men from Prince William County who lost their lives in service to their country from 1917-1919. To that end, we worked with Historic Manassas, Inc. to produce one banner for each of these men that lists their name, rank, where they were from in the County and the circumstances of their death. These banners are displayed on light poles around downtown. Visitors can pick up a free walking tour brochure that has more information about each man.

The Forgotten World War will remain on public view through February 19, 2018 at the Manassas Museum.

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