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City gets green light for new fire station

MANASSAS — City leaders have a green light for a plan to build a new fire station on Dumfries Road.

The Manassas Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the use of nearly four acres of land for the city’s new Fire Station 21. The station will be located at 10224 Dumfries Road, just south of Hastings Drive, on land currently zoned for commercial use.

The city will pay $1.6 million for the land. The city’s staff will undergo a 60-day due diligence period to ensure all items are in order with the property before going to closing on the sale.

“The Planning Commission on Wednesday night found that the proposed location on Dumfries Road is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan per a State Code requirement. This is a Planning Commission responsibility, and the issue of comprehensive plan consistency was decided,” stated Manassas Director of Community Development Liz Via-Gossman in an email.

The city council has already agreed to make the land purchase. While it’s not required by law, there may be some mention of the land purchase at the Sept. 11, 2017, city council meeting, added Via-Gossman

The fire station has been talked about for more than 20 years. It is the first such station in the city to be located south of the railroad tracks that bisect the city.

The two other fire stations in the city are both located Downtown on Route 28.

Fire officials told Potomac Local earlier this year a new station south of the railroad would help maintain 911 response times to an average of four minutes.

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