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Vannoy completes paperwork, is Democratic nominee for commissioner of the revenue

Alonita Vannoy is the Democratic Commissioner of the Revenue candidate in Manassas. 

Following a June firehouse primary where she won her party’s nomination, Vannoy had yet to complete her initial campaign paperwork filing with the city’s General Registrar’s office.

“Ms. Vannoy successfully filed all required candidate forms with the City of Manassas General Registrar on or before June 12.  We submitted our certification of Ms. Vannoy’s Democratic nomination for Commissioner of the Revenue on June 14.  She will be listed on the ballot for the November 7, 2017, general election in the City of Manassas,” stated Allen Muchick, of the Manassas and Manassas Park Democratic Committee. 

Manassas General Registrar Susan Reed confirmed she had the paperwork on file.

Vannoy tells us via email: 

“I am honored that people came out to vote for me.  They had the confidence to elect me to be the Democratic Nominee for the Commissioner of the Revenue.  I am going to let the people of Manassas get to know me.   I also will show them the kind of Commissioner of the Revenue I will be. I am going to do everything I need to do and I’m going to win.   As a native Virginian, this Commonwealth is very special to me.  I am dedicated to serving Manassas City.”

Vannoy will run against incumbent Commissioner of the Revenue and former City Mayor Douglas Waldron, on the Republican ticket. 

Voters in Manassas this fall will also choose a City Treasurer. Last fall, Democrat Patricia Richie-Folks beat Republican Russell Harrison

Last fall as former city treasurer Robin Perkins retired, Democrat Patricia Richie-Folks beat Republican Russell Harrison for the job, to finish out the final year of Perkins’ term. This fall, Richie-Folks and Harrison will once again be on the ballot for the treasurer jo.b. 

Voters will head to the polls November 7

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