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Gillespie wins Virginia Republican nomination

Republican Ed Gillespie won his party’s nomination to be his party’s candidate for Virginia Governor.

He’ll go on to face Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam in the General Election in November. Gillespie won the state with just over one percent of the vote, beating out Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, and Virginia State Senator Frank Wagner.

“When you look at the campaign the Democrats are running, they constantly seek to divide us. We are not going to divide our way to greater prosperity, better schools, and more roads. I will be a governor for all Virginians, and our policies will benefit all Virginians. Our fight to put Virginia on the right track is only just beginning. Tomorrow morning, Jill Vogel, John Adams and I begin a statewide tour where we’ll take this campaign to every corner of our Commonwealth and every voter in Virginia,” stated Gillespie in an email.

Locally, Stewart did better than many thought he would. Republican on of his Board of Supervisors endorsed Gillespie but won Prince William County with 60% of the vote.

In Manassas and Manassas Park, Stewart also cleaned up with 55% and 61% of the vote, respectively.

Prince William County Republicans promised a unified ticket in the months ahead.

“After a hard-fought race in Virginia, we have our Republican ticket. Prince William Republicans will unify and make sure Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams win in November. The Democrats have moved way too far to the left – too far left for a state like Virginia. Ed, Jill, and John will enact mainstream policies that will lead us towards a more prosperous and free Commonwealth. As a state, we can do better in job creation, economic growth, and education,” said Prince William Republican Committee Chairman Dottie Miller.

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