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Supervisor Anderson: ‘I think the litter problem has gotten worse’

Prince William County Supervisor Ruth Anderson writes Potomac Local to say the litter is a problem in our region, and that it could lead to homeowners, and business leaders looking to locate elsewhere. 

From Anderson: 

“I think the litter problem has gotten worse. My office Adopted-A-Spot along Devil’s Reach Road through “Keep Prince William Beautiful” to clean up litter in the public right-of-ways. Today was our second time picking up litter…about 5 weeks after our first time. We spend 1.5 hours each time…………..we picked up just as much litter this time as we did last time……….bottles, balloons, cans, fast food bags, grocery bags…….even a “lucky penny” today.

Litter detracts potential home-buyers and businesses from locating in Prince William County. Other negative effects include flat tires from broken glass and nails, potential health issues for humans and pets, clogging of storm water management systems, etc. Our roads and rivers have amazing amounts of litter.

We need to work on prevention and on more community involvement in getting rid of the litter quickly. Prevention might include asking people to cover their open recycle bins with something and possibly more education in the school system and beyond. I’m sure the experts have more ideas.”

Just this week we learned several items were pulled from the Occoquan River to include a shopping cart and syringes. 

And when it comes to property values, litter is also on the radar of the Prince William Association of Realtors. 

From PWAR Director April Thomas: 

“We too do a monthly clean-up of our surrounding blocks and along the Prince William Parkway, organized by Keep Prince William Beautiful and our Community Outreach Committee. On average we pick up six bags of trash and recycling, each month, so we do realize this is an issue.

PWAR is open to working with Supervisor Anderson and the County to raise awareness on the litter issue that could possibly have an adverse impact on the value of real property, and homeownership within the County.”


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