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‘Name the new elementary school the Betty D. Covington Elementary School’

From Tim Singstock, of Montclair:

The community has engaged in debate over naming the new elementary school under construction in the Potomac Shores Community. Prince William County is blessed to have two wonderful choices for the school naming: Betty Covington and John Harper.

I met Mr. Harper and his wife at the 2016 NAACP dinner in Quantico. As an Army veteran and son of a Vietnam Veteran, I honor Mr. Harper’s military and combat service.

I stand with my friend Betty Covington to honor her more than half century of service to Prince William County Schools. In the last 54 years, Betty has been a teacher, and principal at Dale City, Kilby and Dumfries Elementary Schools. She has served with distinction on the School Board.

I first met Betty in 2003 when we competed (along with four other candidates) for the open Dumfries District School Board seat. Betty easily won the election given that she was already well-known and highly respected in the community.

So well-regarded was Betty Covington that she ran unopposed in 2007 and 2011. Potomac District School Board Member Justin Wilk worked very hard to earn his seat on the board and carries the unique distinction of being the only person to ever run against Betty and win!

For this reason, it is noteworthy that Justin Wilk is proposing the new Elementary School be named after Betty Covington. Like me, Justin has come to admire Betty and call her a friend.

Betty once shared a piece of advice to students who would soon be entering the workforce: “If your employer requires you to work eight yours, you work nine. Give your employer that extra hour to show that you appreciate your job.”

How many extra hours did Betty give the families of Prince William County during her 54 years of service? Now it is time to show Betty our appreciation. Name the new elementary school the “Betty D. Covington Elementary School.”


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