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‘They placed a solid median on Purcell which keeps you from being able to turn left into the 7-Eleven’

We learned yesterday that the signage at Route 234 and Purcell Road is being redone and that U-turns will soon be allowed. But one reader wants to know why a concrete median was installed at the intersection preventing drivers from getting into a convenience store.

Submitted by Brian Eaton, of Prince William County: 

In addition to your article about the horrible signage at the newly re-done Purcell rd and 234 intersection while you all are trying to get info about the issue is it possible to dig into and find out about why they placed a solid median on Purcell which keeps you from being able to turn left into the 7-11 from Purcell as well as preventing you from being able to turn left out of the 7-Eleven back onto Purcell?

They also have a “no U Turn” sign on 234 at the left turn lane where you turn onto Purcell so this makes it impossible to get into and out of that business for the residents like myself who live off Purcell and Kahns Rd who would normally go there. I see this as a huge issue for the business and the people in the neighborhood who would normally go there as well.

I suspected it was due to them putting an additional short run lane in each direction as to why they wanted to not allow the left turns, however there are numerous other locations in the county where you turn across 2 lanes to get into and out of businesses…a prime example would be right there on Purcell where the walgreens and food lion shopping center is there before you hit hoadly/dale blvd.

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