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‘The average pavement condition for our…roads is in the poor category’

MANASSAS, Va. — A new report outlines the condition of streets and roads in Manassas City. 

Of the 250 lane miles maintained by city crews, 148 of them are in poor or very poor condition and are in need of paving, according to the full report

The new report identifies streets that will be paved over the next three years. 

The city paid $23,647 for the report.  The City has $700,000 per year for paving projects, according to city spokeswoman Patty Prince.

From the city’s report: 

This summer, the City hired Fugro-Roadware, Inc. with a specially outfitted truck to drive the City’s streets and measure the pavement condition and evaluate the ride quality. The pavement condition has been used to prioritize the maintenance projects identified in the three-year Pavement Management Plan.

Based on this inspection, the current condition of the majority of the City’s roads indicates that the City should implement a pavement maintenance program that is as aggressive as the City’s finances permit. This inspection also indicates that the majority of our roads should be evaluated and monitored for maintenance.

The average pavement condition for our principal arterial roads is in the poor category, while all other roads have an average condition that is in the fair category.

Using the current pavement condition ratings adjusted to account for high traffic volumes, the City has prepared the three-year Pavement Management Plan to utilize available funding from the City’s General Fund to improve the streets in greatest need of maintenance.

The inspection of the City’s streets also reveals that our typical street provides a fair to good ride quality.

Here’s the plan to fix the roads over the next three years: 


Center Street Church St to Grant Ave
Portner Avenue Sudley Rd to Maple St
Portner Avenue Maple St to Main St
Stonewall Road Sudley Rd to Center St
Stonewall Road Sudley Service Rd to Jackson Ave
Mathis Avenue Main St to Irving St
Forestwood Lane Plantation Ln to Stonewall Rd
Plantation Lane Sudley Rd to City Limits

Godwin Drive (WB) Wellington Rd to Sudley Rd
Godwin Drive (WB) Nokesville Rd to Wellington Rd
Sudley Road (EB) Grant Ave to Portner Ave
Sudley Road (EB) Portner Ave to Centreville Rd
Dean Park Drive Wellington Rd to Dead End
Digges Road Sudley Rd to Dead End

Reb Yank Drive Portner Ave to Mathis Ave
Robson Drive Peabody St to Grant Ave
Peabody Street Lee Ave to Center St
Mathis Avenue Liberia Ave to City Limits
Bragg Lane Taney Rd to Cul-de-Sac
Liberia Avenue City Limits to Stonewall Rd
Lee Avenue Courthouse to West St
Cloverhill Road Hastings Dr to Wellington Rd
Kincheloe Drive Centreville Rd to Mathis Ave
Fort Drive Portner Ave to Weems Rd

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