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Roadside makeover: Manassas businesses approved for new facade, landscaping grants

MANASSAS, Va. — Manassas City is scheduled to award $77,410 in matching grants to local business who agree to improve the facades of their buildings, exterior signage, and landscaping.

Multiple businesses applied for the city’s Local Incentives Program help Grant. When the winners of the grants complete the work and then show receipts to the city’s office of economic development, the grant money will be reimbursed to the respective business.

Wellington Station shopping center managed by Rappaport Companies, one of the largest retail management centers in the region, was awarded up to $40,000 — a total of $25,000 for the facade, and $15,000 for landscape improvements.

Rappaport has up to 10 years to complete the $1 million facade improvement project. The landscape project is expected to cost $200,000, according to city documents.

Rapport spokeswoman Jarnell Bonds says her company is actively looking for new tenants for the shopping center ahead of the restoration work.

From an email:

What new tenants are being pursued the property? We are seeking a variety of uses including restaurants, medical, fitness, retail, automotive, day spa, and dry cleaners.

What facade / landscaping improvements will be completed? Concerning landscaping, we have hired LandGarden, a landscape architect, to design a complete plan for the entire shopping center. This includes the islands throughout the parking lots, including the fast food pads, the entrances, the areas around the pylon and monuments signs the green areas along Dumfries and Wellington Roads. We are painting the facade and roof as well as removing the awnings and replacing them with an EIFS detail. Roof painting is complete. Façade painting is underway. EIFS detail is about to be submitted for permit.

Here are the rules laid down by the city for grant eligibility: 

— Façades proposed for improvement must be visible from the public right of way
— Property must be current with City taxes and fees
— Property may not have outstanding codes violations* (exception: FIG will be used to rectify)
— Property is identified as commercial, industrial, office, or mixed-use
— Property is an existing improvement – new construction is not eligible

The Manassas Junction Bed and Breakfast located at 9311 Prescott Avenue applied for landscape improvement grant funds but was not approved for because the business is not visible from the public right of way, according to city documents. 

Here are the rest of the grantees for the facade improvement program: 

Hastings Marketplace – 10060 Market Cir. Dr.
$167,000 total project cost
$25,000 10 year cap
Replace all site lighting with LED Fixtures
New poles and fixtures in landscaped areas
Remove old poles, repair asphalt

Okra’s & Zandra’s 9110 & 9114 Center St.
$24,000 total project cost
Prep and prime exterior
Replace rotted cornice

McCall Design Studio – 9409 Battle St.
$10,230 total project cost
Building houses McCall Design, Calico Jack’s and Amy’s Bridal
Paint trim, windows, doors and woodwork
Paint stucco face
Replace gutters
New signage

Shining Sol – 9109 Center St.
$3,000 total project cost



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