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Local leaders tour Home Instead Manassas, learn importance of in-home care

Local leaders were invited to come and tour Home Senior Care in Manassas

Jack St. Clair, co-owner Home Instead Senior Care Manassas

My name is Jack St. Clair, and I am the owner of Home Instead Senior Care located in Manassas and also the one located in Herndon.

Today, what we did is what we call a “meet a Home Instead Senior Care Senior” where we invited senators and delegates from the State of Virginia to come and meet not only us, my wife and I and our office staff but also our caregivers and their clients for them to see what exactly home care is.

They’re used to seeing nursing homes and assisted living facilities which are brick and mortar buildings, but they’re not used to seeing a facility like ours where we have an administration office in this location serving more than 220 clients in their own homes.

Jacquline St. Clair — co-owner Home Instead Senior Care Manassas

It’s almost like having guests from out of town come in your home, and so, we took what we already have in our office and just spruced it up a bit and took some time, about a month ago, to invite folks to this event knowing that folks are out of session right now.

So we invited in representatives and the local officials. We gave tours today; we showed people our office.

Jack St. Clair

Surveys show that 93% of seniors want to age and die in their own home. So, we are part of the solution to that, and that is by providing much-needed companionship, help, or personal care services to seniors who do want to remain in their own homes.

We have a wide range of clients. We have clients who maybe just need us for a few hours a week, and then we have clients who are actively dying utilizing hospice services who have us come in 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help them age in their own home and eventually pass away in their own home.

We want to be part of that solution. If their wish is to stay in their own home, we want to be able to meet that wish and to be part of that.

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