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Artists are being drawn to Manassas for the City’s energy

Artists are thriving in the City of Manassas.  

A once little known community, the City’s art programs are gaining recognition across the state.  Staying true to the City’s motto of having an “historic HEART and modern BEAT,” the City is no longer attracting artists based solely on its history. 

Artists are being drawn to the City’s energy, its authenticity and diversity; especially in Historic downtown; which has caught the “Art bug.”  You may have noticed “little bits” of art popping up around Historic Downtown (a painted bench, Dalmatian fire hydrant, or stream next to Alyssa Bryn); soon you will also notice life-sized sculptures scattered across the City. 

On May 6, 2016 during the Manassas First Friday Gallery Walk, 10 pieces of sculpture will be on display around the downtown.  An interactive map of the sculpture locations will be available online at by May 6.

The sculptures will be on display in downtown for a year. After that they will be replaced by the next year’s art students’ projects, and potentially available for purchase.

The 2016 artists include:

Alex Dorney

Paige Fischer

Audrey D’agastinio

Hunter Knight

Frank Albert

Harry Mayer

Micheal Flatequal

Harold Martin

Jessica Morales

Sarah Fischer

Christian Gallik

Andrea Rivera

Some of the pieces were created specifically for the Historic Downtown, like Belle, a Civil War era lady or Danville, a train made of geometric shapes that represent the many trains that pass through the city. Others capture the artist’s imagination, like Distracted, a representation of a person staring at their cellphone. The Sculpture project is part of an ongoing initiative by the City of Manassas to encourage art and artistic expression.

To find out more, visit

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