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Ferringer murdered; Police reclassify case

Indya Davis most likely stabbed and killed Lyle Ferringer before she stabbed and killed herself.

Prince William police today reclassified Ferringer’s death from suicide to homicide. It’s now believed the two 17 year old teenagers parked their van on Hamilton Drive in Dale City October 24 voluntarily and had intended to die.  

Police later found the van forced their way in only to find the bodies of Davis and Ferringer inside. 

The two teenagers had been reported missing by their families.

Police today released this statement:

Murder Investigation *UPDATE – Upon reviewing the circumstances and all evidence collected at the scene where two juveniles were found deceased in the 4400 block of Hamilton Dr in Woodbridge on October 24th, detectives, in concurrence with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, have classified the death of Lyle Ferringer as a murder. The death of India Davis was previously ruled a suicide on October 26th by the Medical Examiner’s Office. Detectives believe that both juveniles went to the area of Dawson Park voluntarily. The death of Lyle Ferringer is also believed to have occurred at the hands of Indya Davis prior to her own death. This is Prince William County’s 9th reported homicide of 2015*.

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