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Will Virginia’s General Assembly be called in for redistricting this summer?

The General Assembly may be called in for a special session on August 17 to redraw Virginia’s congressional district map.

Governor Terry McAuliffe issued a statement that the date in August has been reserved for a special session the redistricting.

This statement follows a gerrymandering lawsuit and judgment from a three-federal judge panel that handed down a decision that the lines needed to be redrawn in Virginia.

“[The panel’s] decision reaffirmed the prior decision…[the decision] said that in drawing those districts, Republicans in the House of Delegates used a 55% black voting-aged population threshold… you cannot use a percentage target like that,” said Delegate Scott Surovell.

According to Delegate Rich Anderson, the defendants in the gerrymandering lawsuit have filed an appeal, and the Republican House and Senate leaders want to wait for redistricting until all of the appeals are exhausted.

“The congressional districts drawn in 2011 have now been found to be illegal twice by three federal judges. There is no need for further delay in redrawing the districts. The people of Virginia deserve legally drawn districts created to represent compact and contiguous communities of interest instead of political interests,” said Surovell.

“What [McAuliffe] has done, he has said ‘save the date in case I issue a call’ that’s what he’s done…If he does, we’re required by the [Virginia] Constitution to go to Richmond, whether we feel like we’re ready to do it or not,” said Anderson.

Potomac Local reached out to Speaker Howell’s office, but they did not return request for comment.

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