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Trucks Banned from U.S. 1 Cut-Through Route

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Trucks have been banned on a neighborhood street in the Falmouth area of Stafford County.

Here’s the latest information from the Virginia Department of Transportation: 

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has approved a through truck restriction for two residential streets in the Falmouth area of Stafford County, Route 1040 (Spring Valley Drive) and Route 1042 (Springknoll Circle).

Through trucks will no longer be permitted to use Spring Valley Drive and Springknoll Circle to travel between Route 1 and Route 627 (Forbes Street).

Spring Valley Drive and Springknoll Circle have a posted 25 mph speed limit. Due to the narrow width of these roads, and the limited turning radius at each intersection, trucks must exercise caution at intersections. Under this restriction, only trucks with business along these routes will be permitted to travel these streets.

Signs communicating the through truck restriction will be posted on Route 1, and at the intersection of Springknoll Circle and Forbes Street. 

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