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New Principals Named to Stafford Schools

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — Stafford school officials announced the appointment of several new key positions inside the public school system:

Allen Hicks was appointed as the assistant principal at Hampton Oaks Elementary. He is currently a teacher at the school.

Nicole Ochs was appointed assistant principal at Conway Elementary School. She currently teaches second grade in Joshua Tree, Calif.

Laura Sullivan was appointed assistant principal at Brooke Point High School. She currently serves as a principal intern at Mountain View High School.

Rebecca Wardlow was appointed principal at Winding Creek Elementary School. She currently serves as the assistant principal at Anthony Burns Elementary School.

Carrie Neeley was appointed as the Chief Elementary Officer. She currently serves as principal at Stony Point Elementary School in Albemarle County, Va.

David White was appointed as the Chief Secondary Officer. He currently serves as the supervisor of Career and Technology Education and as acting assistant superintendent of secondary education.

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