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Statement Issued in Teen Sexting Case, Initial Charges Dropped

MANASSAS, Va. — A 17-year-old male accused of sending nude photos of himself to his 15-year-old girlfriend will not be prosecuted.

Trey Simms was accused of “sexting” in January and was charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornography. According to WRC-TV, police wanted to take additional photos of his penis, by force if necessary, to compare them with photos they already had.

A guardian for the teenager liked the move to child abuse, and officials declined to provide comment to the TV reporter. A Washington Post story on Wednesday also highlighted the case.

Last night, police in Manassas who are handling the case released a statement indicating Simms’ initial charges have been dropped.

“It is not the policy of the Manassas City Police or the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to authorize invasive search procedures of suspects in cases of this nature and no such procedures have been conducted in this case.  Beyond that, neither the Police Department nor the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office discusses evidentiary matters prior to court hearings,” the statement read.

Police say new charges of manufacturing and distributing child pornography and a new court date are pending, however, but they did not say what those charges were citing on ongoing investigation.

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