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Hiteshue Resigns from Prince William Chamber

MANASSAS, Va. — Nancy Hiteshue will leave the Prince William Chamber of Commerce at the end of the month.

Hiteshue has served as the vice president of government relations since the Prince William Chamber was formed in 2010, following the merger of the Greater Manassas-Prince William and Region’s chambers. She was hired under the direction of former CEO Rob Clapper who left in February.

Hiteshue said she’s leaving the organization and will help to grow another business group in the area, though she would not say which one. She will continue to work in the government relations arena.

“When I came to the Prince William Chamber there was no focus on public policy, and I feel that in the last two and a half years we’ve engaged people and got them talking about the governmental process,” said Hiteshue.

Her resignation comes after Debbie Jones was announced the new President and CEO of the Prince William Chamber, a position she had held on an interim basis since Clapper left. Hiteshue said she did not apply for the position because the rigors of the job didn’t interest her.

Hiteshue said she will miss her coworkers but will not miss the long days and nights traveling between Prince William and Richmond.

“It’s a lot of work. It’s more than just a ‘nine to five’ job,” she said.

Hiteshue’s last day at the Prince William Chamber will be June 30.

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