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Manassas Animal Adoption Center Receives Highest Inspection Rating Possible

In May 2014, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) Division of Animal & Food Industry Services conducted an unscheduled inspection of the Manassas Animal Adoption Center to evaluate the quality of the facility and animal care.  The Adoption Center, managed by Manassas City Police Department’s Animal Control Services Division, received the highest rating possible.

The annual inspection, which was based on criteria such as space and holding standards, food and water availability and storage, and animal treatment and welfare, resulted in no significant findings with regard to facility management or animal welfare.  Significant findings are those that might lead to animal suffering, insufficient care, or in critical cases, egregious suffering, injury, or death.  In his comments, the inspector went so far as to state he found the shelter to be “immaculate,” “very orderly,” and under a “high standard of management.”

Sgt. Christine Perry, who oversees the operation of the Animal Adoption Center, responded to the inspection results by commenting, “We are delighted with the results of this year’s inspection, particularly because of the stringent standards to which we were held by the state’s chief veterinarian.  I am extremely proud of the shelter’s competent staff and the hard work they put into maintaining the shelter and caring for the animals every day.”

The VDACS inspection results came shortly after the Manassas City Police Department as a whole was awarded the highest law enforcement accreditation status possible – CALEA’s “Gold Standard, with Excellence” – back in March of 2014, and were not the only reason the shelter has been in the news for doing good deeds in the past several months.  In 2013, the Animal Adoption Center partnered with a local business to hold a Zumba fundraiser that raised money for the shelter, and consistently participates in community events.  Animal Control Services also maximizes the use of social media to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and runs a weekly bulletin called “Take Me Home Tuesday” (#TakeMeHomeTuesday or #tmht), which highlights shelter animals in need of new homes.  For information about the Manassas Animal Adoption Center, please call 703-257-2420 or visit

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