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100 Million Miles Traveled on 495 Express Lanes

This month, the 495 Express Lanes reached an important milestone – our customers have traveled 100 million miles on the Express Lanes.  This means that travelers on the Express Lanes have already surpassed the distance from the Earth to the Sun, which is 93 million miles, and traveled the Great Wall of China – which is 13,171 miles long – 7,593 times.

Since opening in November 2012, the 495 Express Lanes have provided customers with faster, more reliable trips and improved access to popular destinations including Tysons Corner.  More than 1.1 million unique customers have taken advantage of the transportation option since opening.   Dec 13, 2013, was the busiest day on the Express Lanes with 48,489 trips.

The top three reasons customers take the 495 Express Lanes are:  to reach a destination on time, to avoid congestion on the regular Beltway lanes or because they want a reliable trip – according to a 2013 online survey of Greater Washington, D.C.-area drivers.

According to data from November 2012-September 2013, the most common Express Lanes trips are:

  • I-66 to I-495N
  • Springfield Interchange to Route 267
  • Springfield Interchange to I-495N

59 percent of Express Lanes customers are from Virginia, 29 percent are from Maryland and 12 percent are from Washington, D.C., the 2013 online survey found.  Additionally, the 495 Express Lanes have served travelers from all 50 states.

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