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June 10 Republican Primary: Has Your Polling Place Changed?

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Voters in Virginia’s  1st Congressional District will head to the polls Tuesday, June 10, as incumbent Republican Rob Wittman faces challenger Republican Anthony Riedel in a Primary Election.

The June vote will mark the first time voters in Prince William County have been to the polls since some major changes were made to voting precincts.

Some of the voting precincts in Prince William County’s portion of the 1st Congressional District, a large political district that also includes portions of Fredericksburg, King George and Stafford counties, and stretches southeast to Williamsburg, have been split up, rearranged, and renamed.

The Prince William County Office of Elections last week sent out voter cards to those in precincts that have been affected detailing the changes, as well as stating where affected voters should now go to cast their vote.

“We’ve been getting calls. I just everyone opened the envelope to know that their voting place may have changed,” said office of elections spokeswoman Dianna Dutton.

The new precincts took effect back in March, and county officials have provided a list of the changes on their website. We’ll also detail them for you here:

Dumfries area / Montclair

There have been major changes to voting precincts along the Va. 234 corridor.

For starters, voters in the Pattie Precinct will no longer vote at Pattie Elementary School and will instead vote at Forest Park High School at 15721 Forest Park Road, just off Va. 234.

“The parking at Pattie Elementary is lacking and it’s an older building, and we’re trying to get voters into better facilities, so voters who voted there in the past will no longer vote there,” said Dutton.

It’s much of the same story at Washington-Reid Elementary School across the street. Those voters will now cast their ballots at nearby First Mount Zion Baptist Church at 16622 Dumfries Road.

Oddly enough, those who live in the Forest Park Precinct will no longer vote at Forest Park High School. They, too, will vote at First Mount Zion Baptist Church.

In the Montclair neighborhood, the Montclair Precinct was split in two. Those remaining in the Montclair Precinct will continue to vote at Henderson Elementary School at 3799 Waterway Drive. Those in the newly split precinct called Cabin Branch will also vote at Forest Park High School.

Those who live in another newly created precinct that was born out of the Montclair Precinct, the Cardinal Precinct, will cast their votes at Potomac Crest Baptist Church at 15418 Cardinal Drive.

Dale City

Residents on Saratoga Lane and surrounding streets now have a voting precinct of the same name. Those living within the new Saratoga Precinct will now vote at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church at 5920 Saratoga Lane.

Lake Ridge

While no new voting precincts were created in Lake Ridge, the existing Mohican, Springwoods, and Westridge voting districts had their lines redrawn to event out the number of votes per district, said Dutton.


The old Stadium Precinct, to denote the Potomac Nationals baseball stadium, was merged with the McCoart Precinct, named at the Prince William County McCoart Government Center. Voters who currently vote at the McCoart center will continue to do so, and now those who live in neighborhoods along Davis Ford Road south of the Occoquan River will, too.


Voters who were in the Park Precinct and were used to voting at the headquarters of the Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation are now in the Independent Hill Precinct. Those voters will now vote at the headquarters of Prince William County Public Schools, the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center at 14715 Bristow Road.

Dutton also said the Spriggs Precinct also had some changes made to its boundaries, so some who were used to voting at Heritage Baptist Church on Spriggs Road may have a new polling place.

In the Bennett Precinct just outside Manassas, it too has been split. People on eastern side of Va. 234 will continue to vote at Bennett Elementary School at 8800 Old Dominion Drive. But, those who live on the west side of Va. 234 in the newly created Lucasville Precinct will now vote at Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Station at 11310 Coles Drive.

Manassas area

A new precinct was created after portions of the old Mullin Precinct merged with portions of the Stonewall Precinct, creating the new Ashton Precinct. Voters who live in this precinct will vote at Bull Run Regional Library.

The old Jackson Precinct is now known as the West Gate Precinct. Now, some people who were voting at Stonewall Jackson High School will vote at West Gate Elementary School at 8031 Urbanna Road.

Those who east of Va. 234 and were in the Sinclair Precinct are now in the Stonewall Precinct and will vote at Stonewall Middle School at 10100 Lomond Drive.


And finally, voters who used to cast their ballots at Nokesville Elementary School will now vote at Patriot High School at 10504 Kettle Run Road.

To find out exactly where you vote, you can visit Virginia’s voter website, type in your address, and it will return your polling place. You can also call the Prince William County Office of Elections at 703-792-6470.

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