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Prince William Committee of 100 Turns 25, Celebrating with Dinner

MANASSAS, Va. — For the past 25 years, a committee of like-minded residents has been working to bring hot-button issues to the forefront.

While never taking sides, the Prince William Committee of 100 has not backed down from asking questions like “are police using drone aircraft to spy on you,” or “is too much development ruining rural areas of the county,” as well as probing the state of Virginia’s mental healthcare services.

It was that topic, four years after the biggest school shooting in history at Virginia Tech, where the Committee was able to shine a ray of light. The mother of a student shot and killed at the college, as well as layer, and the county’s chief of police, sat in on a panel discussion that aimed to identity eccentric people vs. dangerous, possibly mentally ill people that could pose a risk to life and

The committee tackled the topic again after Virginia Sen. Creigh Deeds’ son shot and killed himself last year, but not before stabbing Deeds in the face, sending him to a hospital. The need for a mental health hospital in Woodbridge was also the topic of a Committee of 100 session earlier this year.

“We like to bring issues to the forefront so people can hear from every side,” said Nancy Verhs, who served as the Committee of 100 President from 2010 to 2011.

She is on a list of 15 others that, since the Committee was formed in 1988, has also claimed the president title.

On Thursday, May 15, the Prince William Committee of 100 will celebrate its 25 years in existence with a special program. Here’s what Committee Publicity Chair Connie Moser had to say about the upcoming celebration:

Our guest of honor is Mark Segraves, a seasoned journalist covering DC MD & VA for more than 15 years, reporting for NBC-TV and CBS Radio. Additional speakers will include a few of our past presidents and politicians from federal, state, and local government. We promise the speeches won’t be long and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy dinner with us, network with friends and guests, view a brief video compilation and partake of a champagne toast to the continued success of PW Committee of 100. We may have a few other surprises in store, and hope you can be there to help us celebrate.

The celebration starts with a social hour at 6:30 p.m. at the Wyndam Garden Hotel in Manassas. Dinner is served at 7 o’clock and the program begins at 7:45 p.m. There’s a $25 ticket price for dinner, and advanced registration is required. The program is free to attend.

After the celebration, Vehrs said there will still be much for the Committee to work on, and many topics for it to address. Additionally, the Committee has found great success in addressing transportation issues, as well as the need to improved roads in the county, Vehrs added.

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