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Updated: Repair Work, Detours Extended After Floods Damage Aden Road

Update 3 p.m. Thursday 

The roadwork to repair a portion of Aden Road at Misty Creek Court, near the intersection of Aden Road and Fleetwood Drive in Prince William County, will be extended through Friday, May 9,.

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Last week’s rains took yet another toll on the flood-prone Aden Road.

The two-lane drive will be closed Wednesday and Thursday as state highway crews make repairs to a drain at Misty Creek Court.

Drivers will be detoured around the closure, and signs indicating the upcoming roadwork and subsequent detour have been placed at several nearby intersections, said Virginia Department of Transportation spokesman Jenni McCord:

1 Detour sign placed  at Aden and 619 follow 619 Bristow Dr to Rt.28.

2 Detour sign placed at Aden and Joplin Rd. to 619 Detour sign at 619 to Rt.28

3 Detour sign placed at Aden and Fleetwood go down Fleetwood to Park gate .

4 Right Detour sign placed  at Park gate then Left  Detour sign at Valley View.

5 Right Detour sign  placed at 619 Bristow to RT.324 Dumfries Rd.

Cedar Run flows along Aden Road, as well as past many farms in the area. The creek usually spills its banks during periods of heavy rain like we saw April 30.

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