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Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association Elects Officers

At its April quarterly board meeting, the Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association (LRPRA) Board elected its four officers who will serve for the coming year. Congratulations to President Gayle Whitlock, Vice President Doug O’Brien, Treasurer Dave Fram and Secretary Wayne Mallard.

As the LRPRA Board looks toward its 2014-2015 year, President Whitlock wants to “create a climate of engaged community-minded individuals.” Interested individuals should contact the Association at the email address below. The Board will be preparing its 2014-2015 budget and continues to move forward with its strategic plan and its mission, vision and values statements.

With the McCourt-to-Occoquan trail project now firmly in place, the LRPRA Board voted at the April meeting to form a trails oversight committee with Neil Nelson (chair), Gayle Whitlock and Doug O’Brien. The first meeting date of the committee will be posted soon on the Lake Ridge website ( Homeowners are invited to attend and participate in this meeting. This is a very exciting project with lots of activities, including opportunities for local schools to become involved. For more information on the LRPRA Board contact

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