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Decorative Banners Promote Occoquan Craft Fairs

OCCOQUAN, Va. — Banners now hang on the gaslight street lamps in Occoquan.

Mayor Earnie Porta announced the banners this week in an email. They alternate color and help promote the town’s spring and fall craft fairs – the two largest annual events in the town. There’s also hung in the town’s “historic district” along Mill Street, though it seems like its steeped in history.

Here’s what Porta had to say about the new banners in an email to constituents:

The decorative banners announced in the April newsletter have arrived, and as part of today’s FOTO/Occoquan River Cleanup we began installing them on the town’s gaslights. Long-requested by a number of town residents, and long-featured in other towns, the banners represent the collaborative effort of a number of individuals and groups. Our gaslights are unusually short relative to those in other historic towns, so banner placement has been a challenge. We believe, however, we have employed an approach that makes the banners attractive to those strolling through the historic district. Over time we will be evaluating feedback and making adjustments as warranted. In the meantime, enjoy the new splash of color in the historic district!

Thank you to everyone who worked constructively to make this happen, including those on the initial installation team shown below.


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