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26 Plots Available in New Dumfries Community Garden

DUMFRIES, Va. — The construction of the first community garden at Ginn Memorial Park in Dumfries is well underway.

The town’s Parks and Recreation Commission chose the new park on Graham Park Road to be the space for the garden, which will feature 26 plots that residents can use to plant everything from squash to tomatoes, cabbage to corn. Organizers say they want a mix of vegetables at the garden to help teach residents and children about the importance of growing their own food.

“Like adopt a kid you’re going to be able to adopt a plot. You’re going to come out and nurture it, you’re going to water it, and feed the plant. We want the community to be out there every day. One plot can feed whole family,” said Dumfries Councilman Derrick Wood, who also pushed for the creation of the Parks and Recreation Commission in the small town of about 5,000 residents.

The town spent about $4,000 on materials to build the garden, as well as accepted some donations from area businesses. When its complete later this month, Wood said he hopes to find grant money to pay for someone to tend to the garden on at least a part-time basis.

Ginn Memorial Park was chosen because it attracts so many residents to its amenities like basketball court, playing fields, checker table, and playground. The town has two other parks – Merchant Park located next to the Weems-Botts Museum and Garrison Park located behind Town Hall.

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