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Town Manger Returns, Change in Rules Considered

DUMFRIES, Va. — Daniel Taber is back at work.

The Dumfries Town Manager took a bad spill slipping on ice back in January. He was hospitalized for several weeks, and in February town officials read a statement written by Taber that that noted he was recovering from his fall and was working remotely while keeping abreast of town issues.

At Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, Dumfries businessman Pete Singh welcomed Taber back to work.

“My office overlooks the Town Manger’s office window, and it’s good to see the light back on again,” he said.

Taber sat in his chair on the dais with other town officials during the meeting Tuesday looking paler than he did before his accident, but in true form was answering the questions of the Town Council members as they arose.

No one was put in place as Acting Town Manager during Taber’s seven-week absence from his office. Town officials all expressed their confidence in his job to fulfill his responsibilities remotely.

But on Tuesday the Council voted to amend the Town Code to allow officials to put in place a temporary replacement for the Town Manager in the event of an emergency or a health problem, such as Taber’s. That person would be called the “Chief Administrative Officer” and would retain the title temporarily.

Officials will vote on the measure at the next meeting of the Town Council on April 1 at 7 p.m.


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