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Fairfax Water to Remove Tanks Clearing Way for Occoquan Park

OCCOQUAN, Va. — The decommissioned Fairfax Water plant in the western end of Occoquan is going to be removed to make way for a new town park. The plant, which was built in the 1960s, has been out of use for over four years, as increased demand led to the building of the Griffith Treatment Plant in neighboring Fairfax County.

The park, which has not been officially named, will sit on 1.11 acres of land.

“Fairfax Water is currently scheduled to take the tanks out in May 2014, and we should have the park available in January 2015,” said Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta.

A lease has been arranged between Fairfax Water and Prince William County, and the parkland will be further leased to the Town of Occoquan. The town will manage all maintenance and operation of the grounds and infrastructure within the park. The community green will not operate under the banner of the Prince William County Parks and Recreation Department.

No budget has been set for the park’s amenities, as the town has decided to wait until they have the land, so they can meet and decide upon the programming and infrastructure that will work best.

A County meeting will be held on March 24 to talk about the timetable and cost for the park.

“We already have a signed memorandum of understanding between the Town and Fairfax Water, and Prince William County,” said Porta. This site will be Occoquan’s first official town park and provide much needed recreational space for the town’s residents.


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