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Judge Declares Mistrial in Arthur Gonzales Murder Trial — The Stafford County trial of an FBI agent charged with killing his wife in April 2013 has ended in a mistrial. []

Stafford planners endorse lower proffers — New proffer guidelines that lower the amount of money developers would pay Stafford County are on their way to the Board of Supervisors for review. []

Occoquan, in Prince William County, is balancing preservation with growth — Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta was playing tour guide as he recently drove a group of dignitaries around town. [Washington Post]

Sibling rivalry comes to the Prince William County Spelling Bee — On March 14, parents of more than 50 elementary and middle school students will watch in nervous anticipation as their children compete in the 36th annual Prince William County Spelling Bee. []

Real estate assessments mailed in Prince William County — All real property in Prince William County, except public service properties (operating railroads, interstate pipelines, and public utilities), is assessed annually by the Real Estate Assessments Office. [Prince William County]

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