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New Housing Impacts Prince William Infrastructure

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — Two new large building projects are going in along Route 28 in Prince William County testing the limits of an outdated road and an already taxed county infrastructure. Orchard Bridge will be a 15 building grouping of garden style apartments the anticipated completion date will be May of 2014.

The Towns at Falls Grove will be a mix of single family homes and town home style condos across from Yorkshire Drive on Va. 28 in Prince William County. Potential residents can expect to pay upwards of $289,000 to purchase a unit in the complex.

The housing units are being constructed just outside Manassas, on the border of Prince William and Fairfax counties, along a busy commuter route that links drivers to large job centers around Dulles Airport.

“The Orchard Bridge Apartment Project of Route 28 was approved in 1985, at a time when there was very little understanding on the adverse impact that it would have on the community. The Board knew then that Centreville Road was only designed to be a four lane road, and in fact approved this zoning with the assumption that it would stay four lanes,” said Prince William Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe stated in an email. “Twenty nine years later, a project that had largely been forgotten about is now being constructed and there are no legal tools that the current Board of County Supervisors can use to require that the developer pay for the impacts that the project will inevitably have on the community.”

Nohe said there is no way such a large project in this area would have been approved by officials in this day and age. Additional traffic, new students in public schools, that the new homes will be a challenge, added Nohe.

“It is extremely frustrating to think that families in Prince William County today are going to pay the price for a short-sighted decision from so long ago.”

Since both building projects fall within the confines of Prince William County, the county must provide emergency services and education for the developments. Jason D. Grant, spokesman for Prince William County, said that Prince William representatives do not plan on adding new satellite stations to that area of the county. Police response will come out of the Western District location and fire service from Yorkshire station which is just 4 minutes away. At this point, Grant does not know how much tax revenue will be added by the units nor do county officials now what the impact will be on the Va. 28 corridor between Manassas and Interstate 66.

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