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Do You Have Stafford’s Treasures Sitting in Your Attic?

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. — How much of Stafford’s history do you have sitting around your house?

Those who hope to one day build a museum in the county that would feature treasures and artifacts that help tell the story of the county’s 350-year history want to know.

This Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., anyone who thinks that have something of Stafford historical significance can bring it to Gari Melcher’s Home and Studio in Falmouth to have it inspected by those who are working to raise funds to build a Stafford County Museum.

While there’s no museum in place now, the idea behind this weekend’s event is to gauge interest as well as see what types of artifacts are out there.

“We will be launching a website in the spring and then hope to begin fundraising with the intent to eventually have a physical museum,” said Traci Ramos, with the Stafford Museum organization. “Once there is a physical museum, then if people would like to

donate their items we would be happy to take them.”

Ramos couldn’t provide an estimate of how much money needs to be raised in order to fund such a museum. She says organizers at one point identified how much money would be needed to raise the museum, but now “the plans they have are old.”

The Treasures in the Attic event is free to attend. It comes during the county’s 350th anniversary celebration in which several events have been planned to honor the milestone.

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