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Weather Service Calls Approaching Snow Storm ‘Rare’

There are a few things that caught our attention when we read this morning’s briefing from the National Weather Service.

After seeing how high temperatures during the day today could rise up well above 40 degrees, it’s what will happen after  colder air from the north pushes into our area later tonight, just in time for a winter storm to move in.

“Gulf moisture ahead of the approaching waves enters from the west and it honestly looks to be all snow,” according statement posted on the weather service’s website. “Heavy snow at that.”

There could be as much as eight to 14 inches of snow that falls across Prince William and Stafford counties. If this happens, the old saying “March roars in like a lion” will certainly be true.

“Our snow probabilities suggest up to 15 inches which is quite rare for March…but looking more likely,” stated the weather service.

A winter storm warning is posted throughout the area. The frozen precipitation will fall from west to east, and the area between Petersburg, WV and Annapolis, Md. where at least a foot of snow could fall. Areas to the south, including Stafford, could pick up more snow than usual as there has the computer forecast models have showed the storm trending more to the south, according to the weather service.

The storm should begin as rain, and then expect a changeover to freezing rain, sleet, and then eventually all snow could begin in our area at 8 p.m. Expect all snow by 7 a.m., and possibly some thunder snow at times.

The weather will begin to clear Monday evening. Expect sunny skies and high temperatures in the 30s on Tuesday.

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