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Train Station Shuttle to Occoquan Picks Up Steam

OCCOQUAN, Va. — The entrepreneurial Mayor of Occoquan picked has set a milestone by picking up his 1,000th passenger.

Earine Porta and his Occoquan Transportation Company has been shutting people between an Amtrak station in Lorton to the small town along the Occoquan River in Prince William County since April of last year. A longtime promoter of small business in the tiny town of just under 800 residents, Porta thought his private company would help spur tourism in the area.

“I’ve solicited direct feedback from almost every passenger and their experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. More than 90% of the passengers have eaten while visiting Occoquan, according to Porta, and approximately one-third of them have also purchased retail items,” stated Porta in an email.

Many of them have also pledged to come back to the riverfront town again, he added.

Porta drives the shuttle van and has three stops on his route, in

cluding the Amtrak station: the Town of Occoquan and the nearby Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton. Those who choose to spend their time in the town normally spend about an hour and a half before they have to head back to the station to catch their next train.

“Though it is possible to do both locations, the overwhelming majority of passengers stop and eat or shop in Occoquan. Passengers are given a quick tour of the historic business district so they can hear a little bit about the town’s history and see the various options they have available to them,” said Porta.

The shuttle service runs five days a week, does two runs between noon and 1 p.m., charges $5 for a roundtrip fare, and allows children under 12 to ride free.


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