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Widespread Bed Bug Claim Inside Prince William Government Center Disputed

Fear not: giant bed bugs, not even small ones, will feast on you this evening at the Board of County Supervisors meeting.

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the county’s Government Center on Prince William Parkway was the scene of a bed bug infestation. All of this while many residents and some protesters are expected to descend onto the building tonight as county and School Board officials meet to discuss the FY2014 budget.

The bedbugs that were found inside the center were found only inside specific offices and not inside the public Board of Supervisors Chambers. The affected portions of the building have already been treated by a professional pest company, said Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant. 

Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant posted this on the Washington Post website:

Unfortunately, this article grossly misrepresents the facts of the matter. There is no “infestation” of bedbugs in the McCoart building as is reported here. There were isolated areas of bedbug activity found in the building and those areas were treated yesterday. The Board Chamber and public areas of the County Complex are safe from bedbugs, so residents and the public are not at risk by attending the meeting. I hope this gives some clarification.

Special bug-sniffing dogs were brought in and found bugs in the building’s mail room, offices of budget and communication, and the lobby of the building.

This reporter has been at the Government Center all afternoon and has yet to spot a bed bug.


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